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Joint Use


Joint use attachments pose significant challenges to engineering and operations personnel of electric utilities today. Many factors play into the proper management of a joint use program to ensure safety to workers and proper operation of the electric and communication systems involved.

Pole size and loading are often critical in evaluating whether existing poles are acceptable for joint use. Communication cables often place more loading stress on poles than electric facilities.

The sag and tension of the communication cables should be evaluated so design parameters will be known when evaluating pole strength. SES can assist in determining the sag and tension parameters for communication cables.

Guy and anchor considerations should be carefully evaluated in joint use. Poor guying and anchoring practices can lead to inadequate pole loading, sag and clearance problems.

SES can provide assistance in the evaluation of joint-use applications. We can provide the following:

  • Ground profile survey
  • Survey of existing attachment heights
  • Plan and Profile Drawings
  • Evaluation of clearance requirements (circuit and ground clearances)
  • Analysis of pole size and loading
  • Soil loading assessment
  • Sag and tension analyses
  • Guy and anchor evaluation
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Post Construction Assessment

We recommend that you contact the SES as early as possible for any development you may be thinking of undertaking. This will enable us to assess your requirements and assist you in establishing the electrical infrastructure that your development will require.

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